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Rasiermesser Rasierhobel G&F Solingen
Rasiermesser Carbon 5/8 " fein geschlifen- Schalen in Voll Carbon von G & F aus Solingen

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Werksverkauf Kochmesser aus Solingen
Kinder Zubereitungsmesser für die Küche Klingenlänge 15 cm

Werksverkauf Kochmesser aus Solingen
Kindermesser Zubereitungsmesser Schinkenmesser für die Küche Klingenlänge 17 cm.

About us

The ISS-Internet Shop Schneidwaren Solingen was founded on July 1st, 1999 by Miroslaw Gustke. 

The online shop is specialising in cutlery made by well-known German manufacturers all of them based in Solingen, thus guaranteeing the highest possible level of quality under the trademark "Made in Solingen". 

The driving force behind ISS is the founder and owner. With more than 20 years experience behind him Miroslaw Gustke possesses profound an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Before setting up ISS he worked for  Wilkinson Sword, Zwilling J.A. Henckels and Tondeo.

ISS invites you to its homepage and to browse extensively before you order. If you want to know more about cutlery or if you are in need of sound advice before deciding on what to buy, please contact us.

Your team from ISS-Internet Shop Schneidwaren Solingen.

Herr Gustke

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