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Herbertz Taschen , Bowie, Jagdmesser
Herbertz TOP-Collection Einhandmesser AISI 440C

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Kochmesser von ISS Solingen
Einhandmesser Boa Top 1580ST von Kershaw

Kochmesser von ISS Solingen
Gemüsemesser Küchenmesser Spickmesser aus Rasierklingenstahl 10 cm


Für den Alltag wird ein stabiles Messer benötigt, seine Klinge sollte in jedem Fall arretier bar sein. Im Laufe der Zeit haben sich verschiedene Formen von Taschenmessern entwickelt, welche sich durch einen hohen Tragekomfort auszeichnen.

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Damask Pocket knife from Hartkopf 3-part, 100 layers Balbach Damask , corkscrew , combination tool , Ebony ( € 214.95 - piece ) .
Damask Pocket knife from F.Hartkopf ( € 232.95 -Stück ) .
Damascus - tang - Nicker 11 cm by Linder ( € 539.00 - piece ) .
For the production of damask penknife 300 - more...
High quality hand knife for hobby and for collecting
For everyday stable knife is needed . Over time , various forms of one-handed knives have developed the hand knife is characterized by a high wearing comfort . more...
Mini pocket knives from Solingen ISS Solingen cutlery .
Mini pocket knife Struktura classic 3 pcs ( € 14.95 - piece ) .
The high-quality stainless steel handles are provided with a distinctive non -locking knob structure . Equipment: blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissors , tweezers, more...
Picnic knife from Solingen ISS Solingen cutlery .
Linder and Herbertz .
Hartkopf Picknikmesser .
Serie picnic no. 582 , with blade fork , bottle opener , corkscrew
the picnickers is disassembled in knife and fork
Heftlänge 9.5 cm , steel : 4110
Friedrich Hartkopf : handmade since more...

Mushroom knife from Solingen ISS Solingen cutlery .
Linder - Mushroom knife with special shaped blade . The fluted blade back and brush help cleaning the mushroom
Sanded and gepließtet Made of stainless steel , by hand , with beautiful cherry wood handle and natural bristles our Pilzmesser is a more...
Pocketknives from Solingen by Friedrich Hartkopf, Linder, Richartz, Robert Klass, Herbertz, and Puma. Herbertz knives and pocket knives in huge selection in our online shop one-hand knife Klaas Pocket Knife, Lock Knife, Year Knife from Solingen Taschenmessermanufactur Friedrich Hartkopf was founded more...
Taschenmesser von Linder , Herbertz und Puma.
Hochwertige Taschenmesser für Hobby und zum Sammeln
Taschenmesser EvoWood 10, Klinge, Nagelfeile, Dosenöffner, Ahle, Kapselheber (43,95 € / Stück).
Taschenmesser Magnum von Richartz aus Solingen, Mit dem Safety-Lock wird dieses hochwertige more...
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