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Messer von ISS Solingen Kochmesser
Haushaltsschere mit Mikroverzahnung von Pomoni, 18 cm

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Wüsthof messer Serie Classic Ikon Gourm
Messersatz 3 tlg. Serie Classic von Wüsthof

Maniküre Etuis Solingen von Niegeloh
Haarschere Friseurschere 5,5 " 14 cm von Niegeloh

Cooking knife from Solingen

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Since 1814 , the family ED.WÜSTHOF DREIZACKWERK KG produced in Solingen high-quality cutlery .
Over the years , the traditional company has developed into a major global manufacturer of forged knives . It is headed by Harald Wüsthof in 7.Generation .

Made in Germany, this is the characteristic name of the Wüsthof company for the manufacture of high-quality kitchen knives. Passion, care and perfection form the guidelines for the manufacture of Wüsthof knives - symbolized by the trident depicted on the knives. You can find out more about the Wüsthof company here.


The traditional craftsmanship is palpable in the Wüsthof Classic series. The series in the classic design impresses with perfect sharpness and ease of care. The knives, made of the highest quality and with great attention to detail, are popular with professional and amateur cooks alike. The blades of the Wüsthof Classic series are forged from one piece of stainless steel and hardened at 58 ° Rockwell. The ergonomically shaped handle lies particularly well in the hand and ensures fatigue-free cutting. You can find the Wüsthof Classic series here.


The three-part Wüsthof knife set from the Classic series is the ideal introduction for the ambitious amateur cook. It consists of the Wüsthof chef's knife 20 cm, suitable for weighing and chopping as well as for cutting meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, the Wüsthof ham knife 16 cm for carving roasts, meat, ham - raw or cooked, the Wüsthof paring knife 9 cm for Cutting onions, herbs and vegetables.
We offer the following product series of Cooking knife from Solingen:

The classic triple riveted knife series.
•Forged from one piece of specially tempered high carbon steel to ensure outstanding strength.
•Extraordinary sharpness which is easy to maintain.
•Special alloyed steel.
•Seamless, hygienic fit of the handle.
•Triple-riveted handle shells, more...
The dark brown hues with distinctive wood grain markings make every knife unique
•Forged from one piece of specially tempered high carbon steel to ensure outstanding strength
•Handle made of Grenadill wood (African Blackwood) - one of the hardest types of wood in the world. All farming is limited more...
he blades of the GOURMET knives are cut with a precision laser of stainless steel plates.

An extensive assortment makes this series interesting for the household and the professional kitchen.

. Made of one piece of stainless steel (chrome molybdenum vanadium).

. Is comfortable in the more...
ED.Wüsthof trident roll bag ( empty) & Koch portfolios

Rolling bags are ideal for variable locations . So professionals are storing their .

Find more music for ideal storage of your valuable kitchen knife and chef's knife .
For the cook move the knife case is indispensable . Wüsthof offers more...

The surface of the steels A distinction is made between three surfaces:

Central fine draw: For household and kitchen steels with mostly related surface. This steel quickly forms a new ridge on the knife edge, which allows a smooth cut

fine wire drawing:
Especially for butchers, who sharpen more...
Mit der WÜSTHOF Crafter Messerserie bieten wir euch ein hochwertiges Produkt und setzen mit der sorgfältigen Rohstoffauswahl aus Räuchereiche, Messing und Edelstahl einen bewussten Kontrapunkt zur breiten Masse.Denn genau so schaffen wir langlebige Kochwerkzeuge für jeden more...
Wüstho chef's knife PERFORMER SERIES from Solingen
Black, sharp, ultimate - unique design meets pure dynamism

Performer knife series gives you back what you have earned in everyday life: exceptional quality for unconditional use.

The ultra-hard, diamond-like-carbon (DLC) coated blade more...

Wüstho chef's knife Classic series with white handles

WÜSTHOF Classic with white handle
The high-quality chef's knives radiate extraordinary rays of light with modern lightness and impressive elegance.

Of course, the white version offers everything that food fans and professional chefs more...