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Herbertz Taschen , Bowie, Jagdmesser
Jagdtmesser Gürtelmesser G10 8,4 cm PUMA TEC AISI 420 Stahl

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Wüsthof messer Serie Classic Ikon Gourm
Messersatz 3 tlg. Serie Classic von Wüsthof

Maniküre Etuis Solingen von Niegeloh
Haarschere Friseurschere 5,5 " 14 cm von Niegeloh

Linder Pocket Knife , Bowie , Hunting

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The name Linder can be followed for centuries in the archives of the city of Solingen. Many members of the "Messmacher" -Zunft bore this name. They were grinders, forging or hardener and gave their knowledge from generation to generation.

Linder has been making knives through time and even through the second world war and still stand now strong, this is where the old technology meets the new

Linder®, Linder-Messer® and Rehwappen® are registered trademarks of Carl Linder Nachf .. Even the oldest surviving documents from Carl Linder show that the former production program included the same type of products: knives with fixed blades for sports, hiking, hunting and Tracht.

f course, the market and thus the supply of the Linder in the course of decades transformed. But the base and the object of the activity remained essentially unchanged. Folklore knife (incidentally one of Linder first of applied concept for Bavarian Stilettmesser), daggers, airspeed indicator, Bowie and many other knives for use outside the home are produced>

A special position reached Linder in the area of diameter by using the finest materials and rigorous quality control during processing
We offer the following product series of Linder Pocket Knife , Bowie , Hunting :

Linder Solingen penknife, pocketknife
Quality proven for decades and function of the House of Linder.
We offer a wide range of 195 different Pocket knives, lock knives and Pocket knife.All 420-440 stainless blades.
Handle the formwork from different Woods.We offer both manufactured in Solingen more...
Linder Pocket knife, detectable.
Blade of 420 steel, stainless steel, without teeth, or partly teeth.Release by thumb pressure on inner Board.Handles stainless or aluminum handle, satin finish.Non-slip elastomer insert.
Suitable for right - and Lingshänder. more...
Linder Hunting knives from around the world by Linder
.High quality hunting knives for hunting, hobby and to gatherIs on the hunt, and for the subsequent supply of shot gamerequires a stable knife in a knife sheath on a belt oris transported in a rucksack. It should be comfortable to hold anda more...
The classic Solinger Scout knife, traveller, and Scout.
With leather handle, brass knobs and aluminum pommel.
The forged blades are stainless steel 420 steel.Very popular as a combination of "Father and son". more...
Traditional knife quality - made in Solingen / Germany
Solinger has quality tradition. More and more often attacks the Hunter to Linder knives, because we produce traditional knife for more than 100 years for the highest>
Lovingly manufactured knife with forged blade recreated steel, more...
Affordable Bowie knife of the CudemanHand made using Hochwertigen materials, processing of dune.The blade consist heavy duty steel 440 for the professional requirements, course stainless steel.You are hardened in the vacuum and ice cream according to the technical specifications of steel producers. more...

Soothe reliability has chosen especially according to the this dive knife.
The materials used are available using the function in line: without ifs and buts! When the diver knives, metal parts are stainless>
The plastic holder are equipped with a simple, solid locking device and with more...
Cudeman 104-L Saufänger

Sehr solider Saufänger mit 5mm starker Klinge aus Molybdän-Vanadium-Stahl, rostfrei. Parierelement aus V2A-Edelstahl.
Griffschalen aus Olivenholz. Inkl. Scheide.

Sehr solider Saufänger mit 5mm starker Klinge aus 440A Stahl, rostfrei. Parierelement more...
Rehwappen Steak Set
Knife and fork, genuine stag handles. Stainless butt cap. In jewel case.
6 knives and 6 forks, genuine stag handles. Stainless metal parts. In jewel case.
6 table spoons and 6 tea spoons, genuine stag handles. Stainless metal parts. In jewel case.
Knife and fork, genuine more...