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Küchenhelfer von Triangle aus Solingen
FEINHOBEL SOUL, Kirschbaum von triangel aus Solingen

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Güde Kochmesser aus Solingen
Güde Hartkäsemesser 12 cm Serie Kappa aus Solingen

Güde Kochmesser aus Solingen
Güde Messerset 3-tlg., Alpha aus Solingen

Martiini Finne- knife

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Marttiini knives from Finland

Since 1928, the Finnish company Marttiini manufactures knives for hunting and fishing .
These include probably the most widely knives from the Arctic Circle .

HI -tech Filiermesser from Finland .

- Coated blade for a clean cut .

- Atttraktive Griffkomination non-slip rubber and great gag.

- The genuine leather sheath is secured by Kunstoffeinlage to