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Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen
Charcuterie Set von Wüsthof aus Solingen

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Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen
Ausbeinmesser und Zubereitungsmesser - 4610 / 16 cm

Güde Kochmesser aus Solingen
Güde Hartkäsemesser 12 cm Serie Kappa aus Solingen

Peeler - Swivel Peeler

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The triangle® Peeler are classics among the peelers and are even available for left and once for right-handed .

Tip : Each peeler version has certain advantages in handling , which depend on individual technique and specific field of application . Try : Since only one thing helps .

Peeler red, straight blade

The triangle® Vertical peeler with a smooth blade is sharpened twice and can peel in two directions . When peeling of carrots , for example, this saves a lot of time and energy .
By double-sided sharpening this peeler is suitable for either hand .

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