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Küchenhelfer Reiben Käseme triangle®
Die klassische Spaghettizange.von triangle® bei ISS bestellen

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Kitchens Grates triangle Solingen

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Geriben and not Sliced.

Rub Without friction losses with the new ginger / lemon grater of triangle .

No rubbing loss and easy handling.

Using the utility patent protected ginger / lemon grater of triangle , can be citrus fruits , processed spices and chocolate simply and without losses .

simply lift Scraped using the perforated sheet and strip .
Stainless steel , dishwasher safe

For Parmesan and other hard cheeses

Thanks to a special manufacturing process the individual blades is the kitchen rubbing awarded extreme sharpness .

The triangle rubbing permanently sharp by this manufacturing technology .

Ordinary rubbing mechanically punched . triangel rubbing through additional chemical processing in order to obtain the optimal and long-lasting sharpness .

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21,95 EUR
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23,65 EUR
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