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Kochmesser von ISS Solingen
Haushaltsschere mit Mikroverzahnung von Pomoni, 18 cm

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Güde Kochmesser Küchenmesser
Güde Kochmesserset 4 tlg Alpha Olive

Pizza Cutter

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The triangle® pizza cutter portioned dough , pizza or plate Baked quickly and efficiently directly on the sheet .
The rolling blade is very sharp and needs to be performed only with light pressure over the pizza .
In triangle® pizza cutters are a total of 3 circular blade - sizes : 7 , 10 and 12 cm
triangle® Teigrädchen bring sleek, and fast unrolled part into the desired shapes . The wheels are in 5 and 7 cm Ø available

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11,95 EUR
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7,95 EUR
incl. VAT, excl. freight charges