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Nail Files / sapphire file and nail clippers

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One of the most important and frequently used manicure instruments is the nail file. They are available in various designs, materials, sizes and shapes. The tips are mostly shaped as nail cleaner; when applied plastic handle a cuticle pusher is often incorporated.
The file should slightly inclined and are only in one direction under the nail
are guided along. The coarse side shapes, smooths the fine side.
The base material of a sapphire-coated nail file is a hardened steel blade files, into the sharp-edged corundum grains or similar sharp edged abrasive material are embedded. The two file sides may get different filing surfaces - coarse and fine. A quality file characterized by smoothed file blade edges ..
Our glass nail file is part of the versatility price.

She's nail file, nail cleaner, cuticle knife and Callus file in one.
Ideally suited to the gentle shapes the nail and smoothing of rough edges, it creates a strong and healthy nail in more stable application.
It is also sterilizable, non-allergic, durable, easy to clean and suitable for diabetics with water
Nail clippers Topinox .:
They are made of hardened stainless steel, as it has proven itself for decades in surgery.
- Hygienic as stainless and sterilized.
- Without allergenic nickel plating, therefore, strongly recommended to maintain allergy-ridden hands and feet.

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