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Kochmesser von ISS Solingen
4 x ISS Küchenmesser Gemüsemesser aus Solingen

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Kochmesser-Etuis & Scheren Zwilling
Nähschere - Stoffschere mit Langauge 18 cm Zwilling

Niegeloh Maniküre, Nagelpflege - Etuis
Maniküre Etui Nevada L 6 tlg schwarz von Niegeloh aus Solingen

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Knife Blocks empty -Messertaschen of Burgvogel , ISS Solingen Güde and Gemini from Solingen .
For the safe storage of knives , ED.Wüsthof Dreizackwerk a range of storage options available .

Your knife is stored there when the following four factors are met : security , protection of the cutting , cleanliness and comfort. These factors are at particularly high quality knife blocks , or if mounted to the wall , magnetic racks .

Please use your high quality knives never misuse or abuse , such . As a tool . They could be damaged. not put your knife on a hot surface, such . as hotplates . The handle might start deforming .

• Proper storage

• High-quality materials

• Optimum protection for your knives

• Also available with magnetic lock

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148,95 EUR
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