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Herbertz Taschen , Bowie, Jagdmesser
Jagdmesser Gürtelmesser Olivenholz 9,5 cm von PUMA TEC AISI 420 Stahl

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Maniküre Etuis Solingen von Niegeloh
Maniküre Etui Serie Nevada ZIP M 5 tlg schwarz von Nigeloh

Güdemesser Seri Aipha Delta Fasseiche
Güde Kochmesser, Chef´s Knife 23 cm SYNCHROS

Table Silverware & Breakfast stick cutlery

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Table Silverware & Breakfast stick cutlery Solingen

able Silverware & Breakfast stick utensils of Marsvogel from Solingen
Marsvogel cutlery - noble companion at table

At a neatly set table has a decent cutlery .

The cutlery is a major highlight of a well laid table .

Whether you expect guests or a candlelight dinner plan .

Reduced to the essentials

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