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Küchenhelfer von Triangle aus Solingen
PIZZASCHNEIDER SOUL, Walnus von triangle aus Solingen

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Güde Kochmesser aus Solingen
Güde Hartkäsemesser 12 cm Serie Kappa aus Solingen

Güde Kochmesser aus Solingen
Güde Messerset 3-tlg., Alpha aus Solingen

Cutlery items made of stainless steel

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Cutlery items buy more stainless steel of Picard & Wielpuetz from Solingen
A true secret is the search for incomplete cutlery sets of Picard & Wielpuetz

Cutlery of model series : Potofino - Ventura Gala Ticino - LaVita- Mia- Monterey-

Discover the wide variety of offers for cutlery items .

Giant selection
at low prices
Menülöfel- Menügabel- Menümesser-
Steckmesser- Kaffelöfel- Kuchebgabel-
Desserllöfel.- Desergabel- Desermesser- Meat fork Fischmesser- Fischgabel- Saucenlöffel- Suppenschöpfer- Tortenheber- pie knife

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24,90 EUR
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