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Wacker Rasiermesser aus Solingen
Rasiermesser Wacker "Balkhauser Kotten" Größe: 6/8" Form: 1/1 hohl aus Solingen

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Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen
Messersatz, Gourmet 3 tlg. von Wüsthof aus Solingen

Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen
Schinkenmesser 16 cm Ikon von Wüsthof aus Solingen

order no. HL-266610202

double side knife

von Küchenhelfer von Triangle aus Solingen
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Thai Thai knife Knive Thai Thai knife carving knives Profi As a pen can ever be pulled off one end of the knife . The other part serves as a handle each . 2 blades in one piece . Angkanas Thai Knife is specifically designed for drawing fine lines and make accurate cuts . Both the curved and the center, top blade , both hardened and ground flexible tip, to be guided to the millimeter and are mainly for freehand carving an important tool