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triangle® Küchenhelfer Reiben Käseme
triangle® FRUCHTLÖFFEL SOUL aus Pflaumenholz

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Burgvogel Messer- Kochmesser Solingen
Borgvogel Kochmesserset 3 tlg Serie Comfort Liene

Linder Bowie Jagdmesser Solingen
Linder Cudeman 117-L Bowie Olivenholz 20 cm 440 Stahl Klinge, rostfrei.

order no. W-9550-0707-02

Mushroom Knife from Solingen Klingenlänge: 5 cm

von Windmühlen messer Gemüse- Kochmesser
price: 33,95 EUR

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Prepayment with 5% discount: 32,25 EUR
You save: 1,70 EUR

To pick mushrooms you first need a knife with a very curved blade to avoid damaging the delicate mushrooms
. At the same time you need to brush away any earth or leaves and needles left on the mushroom.
The next time you set off to gather mushrooms, remember to take our mushroom knife with you. Put in a beautiful leather case with belt attachment, you will be fully equipped for your mushroom picking expedition.
Of course, you can also use it to prepare the mushrooms for cooking. The knife is made of stainless steel with natural bristles.
Blade length: ca. 46 mm / 1,75 inches
Overall length: ca. 175 mm
Weight: 24 grams

Made in Solingen!