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Dovo Rasiermesser aus Solingen
Das DOVO Nr. 4 PRIMA STEEL SILVER in 5/8 Zoll aus Solingen

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Güde Kochmesser aus Solingen
Güde Kochmesser Hackmesser Serie Alpha -23 cm. aus Solingen

Niegeloh Maniküre, Nagelpflege - Etuis
Maniküre Etui von Niegeloh Capri S 4 tlg. schwarz aus Solingen

order no. WÜ-1090

Knife block with 7 parts, Classic from Solingen

von Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen
price: 316,95 EUR

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The Wüsthof set with knife block consists of 1x each
Wüsthof Classic vegetable knife 4000/8 cm
Wüsthof Classic Spitting Knife 4066/9 cm
Wüsthof Classic Bread Knife 4149/20 cm
Wüsthof Classic ham knife 4522/20 cm
Wüsthof Classic cooking knife 4582/20 cm
Wrenching steel 4461/23 cm
Kitchen shears 5558
Made in Solingen / Germany

Made in Solingen!