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Bestecke Picard & Wielpütz
Picard & Wielpütz Monterey 30-tlg. Set PVD-Gold - Massiv

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Burgvogel Messer- Kochmesser Solingen
Borgvogel Kochmesserset 3 tlg Serie Comfort Liene

Linder Bowie Jagdmesser Solingen
Linder Cudeman 117-L Bowie Olivenholz 20 cm 440 Stahl Klinge, rostfrei.

order no. Gü-4-x000

Güde chef's knife set 4 pcs Alpha Olive

von Güde Messer Seri Aipha Delta Fasseiche
price: 394,95 EUR

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The hand-forged blades made of chrome-vanadium-molybdenum knife steel are made from one piece, ice-hardened rust-free and hand-sharpened. The perfectly balanced, finely polished handle scales of these Güde knives are made from selected old olive wood.
GÜDE knives with wooden handles do not belong in the dishwasher. Blades hand-forged and hand-sharpened Made of stainless chrome-vanadium-molybdenum knife steel
Handles made of old olive wood, hard, weatherproof, elegant Elaborate processing in over 43 manual operations not dishwasher safe

x 805-21 chef's knife 21 cm
x765-21 Ham knife 21cm
x765-16 Slicing knife, preparation knife 16 cm
x701-9 paring knife 9 cm

Made in Solingen!