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Messer von ISS Solingen Kochmesser
Haushaltsschere mit Mikroverzahnung von Pomoni, 18 cm

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Burgvogel Messer- Kochmesser Solingen
Borgvogel Kochmesserset 3 tlg Serie Comfort Liene

Linder Bowie Jagdmesser Solingen
Linder Cudeman 117-L Bowie Olivenholz 20 cm 440 Stahl Klinge, rostfrei.

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von Güde Messer Seri Aipha Delta Fasseiche
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The Güde chef's knife from the Alpha cast iron series is a versatile kitchen aid, it weighs and chops, cuts, presses, shapes and transports.
The forged blade of the Güde chef's knife is made of cast iron steel C60, ice-hardened, hand-sharpened and not rustproof.
The blade material is hardened to 61 HRC and therefore extremely hard. As a result, the blade can be ground very thin, which makes it razor-sharp and gives it a long edge retention.
The Güde Chef's Knife Alpha must never be in the dishwasher and should not be in the water for long.
The handle of the chef's knife Alpha by Güde is made of fine Makassar ebony in various shades of brown and black and riveted three times.
The blade should be oiled with acid-free oil after use.
Blade length: 21 cm
Total length: 34 cm
Weight: 325 grams
Blade: carbon steel, forged, ice-hardened, hand-sharpened
Handle: Makassar ebony, riveted three times

Made in Solingen!