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Wacker Rasiermesser aus Solingen
Rasiermesser "Wacker Gold" Größe: 7/8" Form: 1/1 vollhohl Wacker Solingen

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Burgvogel Kochmesser aus Solingen
Kochmesserset 3 tlg Serie Comfort Liene aus Solingen

Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen
Schubladeneinsatz für 7 Teile Leer von Wüsthof aus Solingen

order no. B651.911-15

cleaver series Comfort Liene 15 cm.

von Burgvogel Kochmesser aus Solingen

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The wide and heavy blade of the cleaver is suitable for cutting large pieces of meat and for cooking ribs
Cleaver with a cutting blade of 15 cm and ensures perfect balance in the classical style.
The versatile knife cut perfect meat and fish .
The chopping knife is forged from a single piece red hot chromium-molybdenum steel of the highest quality Solingen .
Blade length 15 cm

Made in Solingen!