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Taschen , Bowie, Jagdmesser Herbertz
Bowie-Messer Master Ranger, Stahl 420, Pakka-Holz, Messingbeschläge, Lederscheide

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Kochmesser-Etuis & Scheren Zwilling
Kochmesserset - 3-tlg. TWIN- Four Star II von Zwilling

order no. Z33415-000

Set of knives, 3 pcs. Zwilling Solingen

von Kochmesser-Etuis & Scheren Zwilling
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The quality set includes a short and versatile Paring knife , a slim , stable meat knife and a heavy chef's knife with a wide blade . Versatile , the three -rounder among quality knives for optimum equipment for every professional and private kitchen
The special steel used for each blade , this 3- piece set , stainless ensures the longevity of the blade even after frequent use . Each SIGMAFORGE® blade is forged from a single piece of steel . An additional ice hardening processing operation in an innovative way and makes them flexible , cutting properties and corrosion resistant. The plastic handle in classic three -rivet design has a goiter , which protects your fingers from slipping

Made in Solingen!