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Kochmesser von ISS Solingen
Haushaltsschere mit Mikroverzahnung von Pomoni, 18 cm

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Güde Kochmesser Küchenmesser
Güde Kochmesserset 4 tlg Alpha Olive

order no. W9218.1558.02

knife Kitchen knife 16 cm.

von Windmühlenmesser Gemüse- Kochmesser
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The pike saber is part of our "Unique from Tradition" series, which includes a small range of knives with a special history, shape and traditional craftsmanship.
The pike saber blade, also known as a saber or, in a narrower form, a pike tip, was part of our range around 1910.
It was mostly used as a roast carving knife or as an all-purpose knife. Due to the width of the blade, the knife has a good cut and the narrow point allows fine cutting of herbs or small vegetables, as well as the stripping and skinning of meat.
The slightly curved handle also comes from the era around 1910 and can be found on models such as back-pointed meat knives or kitchen knives.
Like many classic windmill knives, the pike saber is made of high quality non-rustproof carbon steel.
Handle: plum
Blade: carbon
Surface: blue plastered
Blade length: approx. 156 mm / 6 inches
Total length: approx. 260 mm

Made in Solingen!