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Küchenhelfer Reiben Käseme triangle®
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Breakfast Knife blade hump -not stainless

von Frühstücksmesser Windmühlenmesseer ISS
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Born from the rural tradition in Germany this knife is with its distinctive blade shape produced unchanged for over 120 years of Herder. The broad carefully handgepließtete blade also makes it suitable for butter brushing as well as for cutting bread. Whether for breakfast or Abendbrot- or sometimes in the kitchen, this knife is simply a pleasure. It is very sharp - and it remains very sharp. The 118mm long blade is made of carbon steel and stainless. This is more advantage than disadvantage: Non-stainless blades are practically always sharp, because they have a constant light, two-sided abrasion. The blade tapers in the long run, and the acute cutting angle is maintained dauerhauft. Over time, the blades obtained by the use of a dark gray to bluish color, the typical "working color" of the carbon steel.

Made in Solingen!