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Küchenhelfer von Triangle aus Solingen
Scheibenschneider Set 3 tlg von triangle® aus Solingen

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Niegeloh Maniküre, Nagelpflege - Etuis
Maniküre Etui von Niegeloh Capri S 4 tlg. schwarz aus Solingen

Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen
Wüsthof Küchenmesser Serie GOURME Messersatz, 3 tlg. aus Solingen

Küchenhelfer / Küchengeräte

Alles vom Tortenheber über Wetzstähle bis zum Schäler sowie Küchengeräte finden Sie hier.

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The triangle® kebabs provide optically attractive variation on the cooking grate. Meat and fish are depending on individual preferences in an alternating sequence aufgepiekst with vegetables or fruit and placed on the grill . Thanks to the elliptical shape , a secure hold of the food to be grilled more...

Cookie Cookie Cutter Weihnachtsausstecher
No children's birthday without cookies , muffins and birthday cake ! A special surprise for the birthday child and guests of the party , it is when the cake of pirate party looks like a pirate ship , there are on the Dino Party a T - Rex Cookies to more...
Herb knife cradle fair triangle from Solingen
Fine cut from a single source .
With gentle rocking motion that Wiegemesser erzeut a uniform pressure and cut the fine Kreuter crushing without it.

Those who appreciate beauty and delights in exceptional will be the triangle inspire more...

triangle® aus Solingen Küchenhelfer - Küchengeräte in ein gradliniges und puristisches Design eine zuverlässige Funktionalität. Sie sind ein langlebiger Partner, die auch dem anspruchsvollsten Kochalltag bestens gewachsen sind.

o VERARBEITUNG: besonders hygienisch und pflegeleicht durch more...
With the triangle® Kugelformern can be instantly balls of potatoes ( for so-called . Pommes Parisiennes ) , fruit, vegetables or butter manufactured . These provide that little bit extra for side dishes , pretty Garnturen , soups , fruit salads or butter plates . As the leading edges of all more...
Garnier tool from Solingen ISS Solingen cutlery .
Burgvogel , Linder , Güde and twin
Sling blade set for designing fruits, vegetables , butter / margarine , sausages, cheese and chocolat more...
Palette aus Solingen von Burgvogel , Triangle,Güde , ISS und Zwilling Damit geht beim Streichen alles glatt. Die gerade Palette streicht Teige,Cremes und Glasuren glatt. Sie löst Böden und hilft beim Transportieren von Kuchen- und Tortenstücken. CONFISERIEPALETTE 12cm, poliert -120 x more...
Windmühlen Pflegemittel für Messer und Holz. aus solingen.
Windmühlenmesser Pflege-Set
Das Pflegeset von Windmühlenmesser Robert Herder aus Solingen speziell für Messer mit Holzgriffen oder Holzaccessoires. Es besteht aus einem Baumwolltuch, 20 ml Macadamianuß-Zitronen-Öl , einem Luffapad und more...
The triangle® pizza cutter portioned dough , pizza or plate Baked quickly and efficiently directly on the sheet . The rolling blade is very sharp and needs to be performed only with light pressure over the pizza . In triangle® pizza cutters are a total of 3 circular blade - sizes : 7 , 10 and 12 cm more...
Geriben and not Sliced.
Rub Without friction losses with the new ginger / lemon grater of triangle .
No rubbing loss and easy handling.
Using the utility patent protected ginger / lemon grater of triangle , can be citrus fruits , processed spices and chocolate simply and without losses .
simply more...
The right knife for peeling asparagus
The triangle asparagus peeler shines through its ergonomically designed handle. The tongs asparagus peeler sits comfortably in the hand, both for right-handers and left-handers.
Grip and blade holder are all of a piece and can be characterized easily and more...
The triangle® Peeler are classics among the peelers and are even available for left and once for right-handed . Tip : Each peeler version has certain advantages in handling , which depend on individual technique and specific field of application . Try : Since only one thing helps .
Peeler red, more...
Manufacturer : Triangle Kitchen tools from Solingen Trüffelhobel- Feinhobel- Gourmet Slicer Triangle from Solingen . As truffle slicer complements this Utensil their kitchen perfectly . Whether valuable tasty fungi or fine chocolate , with this fine slicer can cut very delicate slices more...
Scissors and knives from Solingen and around the world: Knife sharpeners and sharpening steels Even the best knife gradually lose sharpness
Even the best knife will lose the time to focus . With the sharpening devices by ZWILLING and the correct technique is not a problem .
Your knives say thank more...
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