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Dovo Rasiermesser aus Solingen
DOVO BERGISCHER LÖWE "Das Meister Stück" 6/8" aus Solingen

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Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen
Wüsthof Kochmesser Serie Classic Messerblock mit 7 Teilen, Classic Boche aus Solingen

Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen
Wüsthof Kochmesser Serie Epicure Schinkenmesser - 23 cm aus Solingen

Manufacturer's catalog

Below you will find a list of manufacturers we offer products from.

The name Linder can be followed for centuries in the archives of the city of Solingen. Many members of the "Messmacher" -Zunft bore this name. They were grinders, forging or hardener and gave their knowledge from generation to generation.
Linder has been making knives through time and even through more...
Paul Wirths is synonymous with high quality cutlery from Solingen .
Today Paul Wirths GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1926 by Mr Paul Wirths . In the 50s, the company launched its own model series and built its own distribution network. In the production halls Solinger the cutlery components were more...
Zwilling Cutlery Modern living-kitchen
ZWILLING offers wonderful kitchenware and beauty tools that make life more enjoyable in the home.
SINCE 1731
ZWILLING is one of the oldest brands in the world, offering a wide portfolio of knives, cookware & accessories for the kitchen, plus luxurious more...
We are a traditional
Company which is a resident of the city of blades Solingen since 1949th

Our success is based on the combination of traditional know-how and the latest technology .

Quality that convinces ! more...
Ernst u . Willy Niegeloh has grown with its well 100 employees to a leading German manufacturer of instruments for manicure and pedicure .
The scissors blanks are formed in series without the usual annealing . This procedure will also be applied to the stainless series topInox® . The technical more...
Herbertz pocket knife , Bowie , hunting measurement

In this powerful black Herbertz knife is designed . A spring ensures that the blade folds out rapidly stainless AISI 420 steel . The aluminum shells are presented in a modern look . Comes complete with a durable nylon sheath with belt loop . more...
RÖR kitchen knife breakfast knife from Solingen

Aunt "Käthes" paring knife - vegetable knife from Solingen

Fruit / vegetable peeler extra hot from Solingen

from the coals j vegetable knife kitchen knife from Solingen

Vegetable knife kitchen knife "Bicolor", by Rör from more...
PUMA - more than 225 years of tradition

Craftsmanship and quality

Since Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung the oldest trademark of PUMA as a symbol of strength and beauty in the knife maker role 225 years ago - the famous Solingen trademark register - it was registered , in our true commitment more...
From generation to generation the craftsmanship for the production of a good razor has been passed on by Giesen and Forsthoff

With our specialists, we produce our classics like the G & F razor at our own location. Hand-picked with the best quality, this product is sold worldwide and our more...
The distinctive shell of STRUKTURA classic is drawn out of stainless steel and provided with a rubbery nub structure . So There are technically perfect blades and tools .
STRUKTURA is an advanced knife , its quality and unique shape has won international awards . Even today it is one of the more...
Table Silverware & Breakfast stick utensils of Marsvogel from Solingen
Marsvogel cutlery - noble companion at table
At a neatly set table has a decent cutlery .
The cutlery is a major highlight of a well laid table . Whether you're expecting guests more...
All knives are forged exclusively in the city of blades Solingen
The classically designed series Solingen Elite Tradition meets all the requirements that must have a good knife
Great choice of peeling knife , paring knife , paring knife , tomato knife ,
Bread knife with wave , Santoku with more...
KRETZER SCISSORS SOLINGEN combines these with additional decades of experience and masterly skill.

The result : guaranteed quality products - piece by piece . With industrial, garden or hobby scissors to special scissors and individual special more...
After forging by hand each knife in this series goes through more than 30 additional manual steps to guarantee the highest quality.
The robust POM handle is fixed with 3 even grooves, finely polished and easy to clean.
All articles of this series are dishwasher safe but we recommend cleaning by more...
Hartkopf Taschenmesser - True Solinger handicraft
In 1890 founded the grandfather of the current owner , Günter Hartkopf that Stahlwarenfabrik Friedrich
Hartkopf , which mainly specialized in the production of pocket knives and penknives . I agree
as in the first year the pocket knives are still more...
Wacker Traditional razor Made in Solingen .
Razor from Solingen directly in specialized stores at ISS Solingen Order .
Heribert has been making fine quality straight razors for sixty years after doing his apprenticeship at Dorko. He then obtained work with Puma and later with Dovo. Heribert is a more...
Windmill knives from Herder Solingen .
The company solinger Herder presents classic and very high quality windmill blades to date her hand . Herder was founded in 1872 by Robert Herder . One can look back on a long history with a lot of experience in the production more...
Robert Klaas Pocket Knife, Damascus Pocket Knife, Locksmith .440C, Damascus Steel, Olivewood, Handwork Solingen.
The manufactory Robert KLAAS is one of the oldest companies in the Klingenstadt Solingen and we are proud of that!
To date, our company is a family business, now in its seventh more...
Triangle Kitchen gadgets from Solingen
Cutting, peeling , garnishing and Deco- with special stainless steel appliances ,
with the handle Serie Compliment 68th
What one can not reach the chopping with a knife , which works perfectly with a grater .
Whether citrus, nutmeg or just once a potato to more...
Carl Mertens produces high-quality stainless steel products. The grill accessories , fireplaces and cutlery feature unique design and best quality
The Carl Mertens brand stands for design quality in stainless steel , with cutlery as well as home accessories more...
Since 1814 , the family ED.WÜSTHOF DREIZACKWERK KG produced in Solingen high-quality cutlery .
Over the years , the traditional company has developed into a major global manufacturer of forged knives . It is headed by Harald Wüsthof in 7.Generation .

Halbach -Steckscheren - Sewing - Fabric scissors and tailor scissors from Solingen .

The classic for professionals and housewives are the tailor scissors from Halbach ,
Hot forged from high-quality stainless steel , individually hand- sharpened , assembled and tested .

Reliable, precise more...
The Japanese manufacturer Kai is known for the exceptionally high quality of its products . Whether classic or Japanese chef knife, knife or scissors professional , with the products of Kai are the highest demands satisfied .

can you highlight the Shun series . This knife series is one of the more...

" Feast for the eyes " , states have an old saying .
But this is true not only for the food itself, but also for their Business environment where the atmosphere is not right , has certainly tried in vain even the best cook , and the beautiful and professionally laid table happens to be the more...
Baking connects everyone with fond memories and good feelings : children's eyes light the Christmas cookie baking, the lovingly baked cream cake to Grandma's birthday , the smell of fresh baked throughout - Baking is something beautiful !

Fiskars stands for innovation and quality since 1649 - a tradition that began with the founding of the company in the Finnish village of Fiskars .

Fiskars emphasizes ergonomic and safe products .
Fiskars comfortable , high quality scissors and knives are designed for people of all ages and more...
Marttiini knives from Finland
Since 1928, the Finnish company Marttiini manufactures knives for hunting and fishing . These include probably the most widely knives from the Arctic Circle .
HI -tech Filiermesser from Finland .
- Coated blade for a clean cut .
- Atttraktive Griffkomination non- more...
SWIZA penknife from Schweitz .

100 years tradition of quality ./p>r>
For decades it has been working according to the principle : "Nothing is so good that it could not be improved .

The Schweitzer pocket knife from the Basic .