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Rasiermesser Rasierhobel G&F Solingen
Rasiermesser Carbon 5/8 " fein geschlifen- Schalen in Voll Carbon von G & F aus Solingen

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Werksverkauf Kochmesser aus Solingen
Kinder Zubereitungsmesser für die Küche Klingenlänge 15 cm

Werksverkauf Kochmesser aus Solingen
Kindermesser Zubereitungsmesser Schinkenmesser für die Küche Klingenlänge 17 cm.

Wacker Straight Razorr from Solingen

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Wacker Traditional razor Made in Solingen .

Razor from Solingen directly in specialized stores at ISS Solingen Order .

Heribert has been making fine quality straight razors for sixty years after doing his apprenticeship at Dorko. He then obtained work with Puma and later with Dovo. Heribert is a third generation razor maker and is presently training his son to follow in his footsteps. Heribert scours Solingen looking for new razor blanks to grind and will turn any old razor blank into a work of art. You will notice he utilizes his tradional family brands of Wacker

We offer the following product series of Wacker Straight Razorr from Solingen:

Razor accessories leather belts , abrasive belts , Strop , Shaving , Shaving , strop - paste .
To pull the razor to use hanging strop . We recommend novice users to start with a simple belt . Often Beginner cut accidentally started in the belt . These strop paste yellow, pure fat cream , the more...
Traditional razor Made in Solingen .
Introducing Herr Heribert Wacker; he is the last independent Master Razor Craftsman in Solingen, Germany. Heribert is one of only two masters of the trade remaining in Germany

All razor made ?by Wacker are made using traditional methods ,
and serve the more...