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Razor Shaver G & F Solingen

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From generation to generation the craftsmanship for the production of a good razor has been passed on by Giesen and Forsthoff

With our specialists, we produce our classics like the G & F razor at our own location. Hand-picked with the best quality, this product is sold worldwide and our personal sign. Even today, our company is trained and passed on the knowledge about the craft for the production of a good knife from generation to generation. This is how we maintain the good and tradition of Giesen & Forsthoff


Our handmade knives "made in Solingen" are coveted professional tools or collectors' items. Versatile and with the best Giesen & Forsthoff blade is our razor blade of the permanent burners par excellence. Depending on the model, the blade is made of stainless steel or stainless steel. The razor blade is available in 4/8 ", 5/8" and 6/8 "width. The full-bodied blade with various etchings, partially decorated in gold stands impressively for the special quality

We offer the following product series of Razor Shaver G & F Solingen:

Production of a good razor at Giesen and Forsthoff forwarded
Authentic craftsmanship and quality from Solingen
Razors are back in: More and more young people discover the classic shave and make them a trend. Practice: Practice makes the master - but all practice does not help if you do not have a more...
The razor blade is an alternative to the known system razor and razor knife and is also known under the name of safety razor
Shaving products from G & F have a long tradition and enjoy high recognition worldwide
We offer the high-quality shaving planes from our company in various designs
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The G&F Butterfl safety razor from Solingen

A fine piece of shaving culture.

Safety razors for interchangeable blades have a long tradition

Shaved, safe and absolutely clean.

You won't shave so cheaply with any system-blade razor.

The butterfly mechanism allows the razor blade to be more...

For nearly 100 years the Rasierpinselfabrik Hans Baier stands for quality , handmade shaving brush - without bleaching or cutting the hair
4 different hair types , some up to 5 different brush sizes and a grip range from simple plastic , value creating plastics solutions , to fine wood , horns more...
Shaving soap makes the beard soft
This makes it easier to cut off.
Shaving soap produces a firm foam
This slides the blade gently over the skin
The shave is more profound and lasts longer.
After shaving, brushes and facial skin must be thoroughly cleaned with water from soap more...
Herold has been making high-quality and durable leather stropes since 1919

Tensioning screw belt, 2 sides for pulling off the razor. Pre-print on the pasted (red) reverse side, final print on the light-colored leather side.

This leather strap is the perfect addition to all straight razors. more...