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Wacker Rasiermesser aus Solingen
Rasiermesser Wacker "Balkhauser Kotten" Größe: 6/8" Form: 1/1 hohl aus Solingen

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Burgvogel Kochmesser aus Solingen
Käsemesser Oliva Line - 14 cm von Burgvogel aus Solingen

Kretzer Scheren aus Solingen
Schneiderschere - 12.0" / 30 cm von Kretzer aus Solingen

Niegeloh manicure , nail care - Cases

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Ernst u . Willy Niegeloh has grown with its well 100 employees to a leading German manufacturer of instruments for manicure and pedicure .
The scissors blanks are formed in series without the usual annealing . This procedure will also be applied to the stainless series topInox® . The technical breakthrough for saving energy and the production of scissors blanks maßgenaueren succeeded
Nail Clippers & Fußnagelknipser

Stainless steel " Topinox "
The synthesis of excellent Solinger processing and best stainless steel .

" Topinox is the premium product : The surfaces of the instruments are Satin
The stainless steel prevents corrosion durable even in rooms and countries with high humidity .

The excellent workmanship assures long term precisely working instruments .
We offer the following product series of Niegeloh manicure , nail care - Cases:


Innovation pur! Durch eine Titannitrid-Legierung auf einem Beck* der Schere wird dieses Beck "härter" als das unbeschichtete Beck. Dadurch wird mit jedem Schnitt die Schnittfläche des "weicheren" Becks geschärft - die Hautschere, more...
To produce our scissors, forceps, nail clippers and tweezers we use high quality, alloyed, hardenable steels. Choose between two fashionable surface finishes:

Instruments made of alloyed carbon steel are protected against corrosion by a glossy nickel layer.

Through the completely new scissor design we reach an optimum at handling and cutting ability.
- stainless steel topinox
- antiallergic
- nickel-free
- rust-free
- suitable for left-handed
- length: 90 mm
The TopInox-Family with the golden screw: nail scissors, cuticle scissors, combination nail and cuticle scissors, cuticle scissors with tower points, baby scissors
Our top line. Made of hardened stainless steel, used for surgical instruments.
Noble "Multi-Tone" surface underlines the exclusive more...
Haut & Nagelschere für Linkshänder von Niegeloh aus Solingen
Die Schere ist extra für Linkshänder konzipiert, damit auch diese ihre Nägel mit Leichtigkeit schneiden können.
Nagelschere für Linkshänder mit gebogener more...
Saphirnagelfeile - Glasfeile from Niegeloh from Solingen
sapphire Files

They are true all-rounders.

With their coarse and fine coating on both sides, they are excellently suited for shaping the nail and smoothing rough.

This way you can bring your nails into shape.

Due to the hardness more...
All our "stainless" products from the TOPINOX, Inox Style N4 series are made of high-quality stainless steel DIN 1.4034 - also known as steel for cutting tools in surgery.
Product details - antiallergic - rustproof - sterilizable - total length 90 mm - nickelfrei
Tweezers bent
Tweezers, more...
Friseurschere Haarscheren von Niegeloh aus Solingen Friseurschere aus hochwertigstem rostfreiem Topinox Edelstahl mit rasiermesserscharfer Schneide und handabgezogenem Scherenblatt zeugen von handwerklicher Präzisionsarbeit aus Solingen. more...
Skin tongs from Niegeloh from Solingen
Hautzange stainless steel topInox® Easy and safe care for sensitive nail skin. Cutting by hand sharpened and checked for perfect cut. antiallergic stainless sterilisable brTotal length: 100 mm more...
Nagelknipser & Fussnagelknipser by Niegeloh from Solingen
nail clippers
Stainless steel topInox®
Simple and safe nail care, also strong toenails.
Cutting by hand sharpened and checked for perfect cut.
Total length: 60 mm

Stainless steel more...

Foot nail scissors and nail forceps from Solingen are all a concept which places high demands on daily use articles. more...
Cultured, sophisticated and handsome, Nevada is dedicated to the "Cosmopolitan Man". Nevada's well-crafted black soft full grain leather manicure sets have several combinations of high quality topInox® rust-free stainless steel implements with a satined finish. Carefully selected materials along more...
Chic, lovely and ageless, for a woman who s values are everlasting. Diabolo distinctive look, whether black or red, keeps a long-lasting score. more...
The best quality for the family on the move. Capris black full-grain leather cases include carefully handmade topInox luxury manicure implements made from specially selected rust-free stainless steel. Capri is an essential family companion. more...
There he is, sexy and smart, a man always enjoying life to its fullest. The Imantado line is specially made for him with masculine soft leather combined with a practical magnetic closure. more...
"That's me!" for the fun, vibrant, and unique woman. Decora's cases come in many modern colours with a practical wrap around belt. Depending on your style and your mood, Decora pleases every taste. more...
Passionate and self assured, for the woman who knows what she wants from life and how to get it. Krokos high quality Italian calf leather manicure sets combine a unique crocodile pattern with a lustrous surface, for an enticing, hot look. more...
...die neue EDITION STRAUßENBEIN von Niegeloh aus Solingen.

Die üblichen Grenzen sind durchbrochen und extravagante Manicure Sets sind entstanden. Neue und fortschrittliche Gerbmethoden machen es möglich, diese außergewöhnlichen Materialien more...
Pure nature, straight lines and distinctive appearance is his style.
He is focused on individuality and function.
His Personality is reflected in masculine characteristics of these extraordinary cowhide leather sets magnifying the fine yet functional tools.
A must have for ahat bold, resolute more...
Elegant and high-class, fitting perfectly with the customer woh falls in love with our new collection, Cafe do Brazil.
The soft colors remind us to the wonderful Brazilian coffees whether " macchiato", "Iungo" , or "ristretto".
The strong and durable tools in the manicure setz are made for more...
Haarreifen EDITION ROCHEN von Niegeloh aus Solingen.
Neue und fortschrittliche Gerbmethoden machen es möglich, diese außergewöhnlichen Materialien zu verwenden. Die Haarreifen sind nicht nur edel und strapazierfähig, sondern auf natürliche Weise schön.
Durch die more...
Etui Happy Stripes-pink von Nigeloh aus Solingen.
Für die Frau, die weiß was sie will!
Instrumente vernickelt. kombinierte Nagel- und Hautschere, Universalpinzette, Saphirnagelfeile

Rein weiß und mystisch glitzernd, das ist die neue Dimension
luxuriöser Maniküre more...
The following new items are available from Maniküre, Nagelpflege - Etuis Niegeloh: