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Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen

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Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen
Wüsthof Kochmesser Serie Classic Messerblock mit 7 Teilen, Classic Boche aus Solingen

Kochmesser von Wüsthof aus Solingen
Wüsthof Kochmesser Serie Epicure Schinkenmesser - 23 cm aus Solingen

household knives

Für den Haushalt werden die verschiedensten Messer benötigt. Ob zum Schälen oder Putzen von Gemüse, zum Schneiden von Fisch oder Flesch: hier finden Sie Messer für jede Verwendung.


Boning knife to trigger bone in meat and poultry .
The high quality blades made ??of chrome vanadium molybdenum steel are 55 ° Rockwell - 56 ° ice-hardened and have a high edge .
We carry only boning knife of high quality.
Burgvogel , Güde , twin and Wüsthof Classic . more...
The triangle® Brunch knife combines all the advantages of Aufstrich- and bread knife : With its extra wide blade to spread and creams distribute excellent while the serrated edge of each bun divides cleanly and effortlessly . The flexible ground blade is made f hardened stainless steel. The brunch more...
This is part of the basic equipment in the kitchen .
Bread knife with spacer from Solingen .
The räftige blade with serrated cuts effortlessly through hard and soft bread without crushing the material to
The ultimate bread knife " Franz Güde " , named after the inventor of the scalloped edge : more...
The filleting knife is also known as the so-called filleting knife .
This comes on the one in the kitchen for use where fish is cooked .
The flexible blade ensures wafer -thin filleting of fish and meat . more...
Meat fork from Solingen , tines made ??of stainless steel .

During Tranchierens the carving fork holds the roast in a safe position more...

Meat kitchen knives from Solingen .
Slicing knife for carving and clean cutting raw , roasted and cooked meat .
This Burgvogel - Master Line Series is a single piece
Chromium-molybdenum -vanadium steel forged red hot.
Best processing , optimal balance and high sharpness
and endurance more...
Bread knife with feel-good grip , the smeared on every breakfast table at his best zeigt.Wie ' running it thanks to its wide spreading blade with serrated edge in the morning . Lightweight slicing bread : the bread knife easily cuts through baked goods . The serrated edge has the advantage is that more...
Gemüsemesser Spick-messer Küchenmesser Garniermesser Obstmesser aus Solingen Spitze, scharfe Klinge. Sehr vielseitig, zum Spicken von fettarmem Fleisch, zum Schälen von Gemüse. Das Spick- und Garniermesser eignet sich zum Schälen, Putzen, Garnieren und Zerkleinern von Gemüse, Obst und more...
Vegetable knife

Small knife with strong blade, straight cutting edge and firm tip. Cleans, peels and cuts small fruit and vegetables. Also suitable for cutting out spots and blemishes more...
Oyster knife , Oyster knife , bone forceps diagonally , lobster fork , Hummerzange & fish scaler
Tool for Fisdch and seafood of triangle from Solingen .
Execution stainless steel, hardened , robust and functional .
Saubres Working with integrated scales catcher .
To open and crack the oyster more...
Cleaver cleaver from Solingen .

Chopper with broad , heavy blade . For effortless chopping and dividing of large pieces of meat , poultry or fish as good as those for the preparation ...
The wide and heavy blade of the cleaver is suitable for cutting large pieces of meat and for cooking ribs
The right knife for cheese cheeses
For perfect slicing cheese are usually special blade shapes advantageous .
Cheese is usually soft and greasy and like to stick to the blade . Hard Parmesan or
Percorino is traditionally broken , this requires knife with short and thick besonderst
Sound. In more...
Ches knife

Sturdy, heavy knife with broad, strong blade and fine cutting edge. The all-rounder for professionals and hobby chefs that cleans vegetables but also minces herbs or chops more...
Arbeitsmesser , Metzgermesser, Fleischmesser ,Schlachtermesser von Bergvogel
aus Solingen , die diese Bezeichnung wirklich verdienen.

Sie erfüllen in Qualität, Sicherheit und Hygiene die strengen Anfordrungen der Lebensmittelgesetze. Gleichzeitig gewährleisten sie durch die Verwendung und more...
Santoku Japanese cooking knives from Kai Burgvogel Güde Twin Windmill knives from Solingen .
The Japanese version of the Chinese cook's knife is the Santoku knife . " Santoku Chai Dao " is the correct term for this knife . Loosely translated, it means : Kitchen knife of three virtues . Among the more...
Peeling knife.
Small, lightweight, handy knife with curved blade, straight cutting edge and firm tip. Peels potatoes, fruit and vegetables. Also suitable for cutting out spots and blemishes more...
Für Gemüse, Fleisch, Fisch & mehr. Zubereitungsmesser: Küchenmesser
Burgvogel Schinkenmesser / Zubereitungsmesser Olivia Line (6 Zoll = 15 cm
Güde Zubereitungsmesser Alpha Olive 16 cm, bestehen aus einem Stück Chrom-Vanadium-Molybdän Messerstahl.

Schinkenmesser Zubereitungsmesser aus more...
Steakmesser aus Solingen von Burgvogel , Linder , Güde und Zwilling Güde Steakmesser Alpha. Aus einem Stück handgeschmiedete Klinge aus Chrom-Vanadium-Molybdän Messerstahl. Weiterverarbeitung in über 32 manuellen Arbeitsgängen. Wüsthof Steakmessersatz Mit der extra scharfen Klinge lassen more...
Tomaten, Paprika oder anderes Gemüse sind eine echte Herausforderung Die Haut ist äußerst widerstandsfähig ,Franz Güde in Solingen entwickelten sägeartigen Klingengeometrie, schneiden diese Messer Tomaten wesentlich einfacher. Wüsthof Classic Tomatenmesser Der feine Wellenschliff schneidet more...
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