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ED.Wüsthof Dreizackwerk Kochmesser
ED. Wüsthof Schubladeneinsatz für 7 Messer ( Leer )

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Zwilling J.A.Henckels Solingen
Fleischgabel Zwilling J.A.H. Vier Sterne aus Solingen

Taschenmesser von Friedrich Hartkopf
F.Hartkopf Taschenmesser - Militär, Stahl 1.4034, Ebenholz, Neusilber-Backen,

Welcome to ISS

We are your distributor for high-quality cutlery by famous companies from Solingen and all over the world. Our online catalogue presents 3000 items focusing on the theme Knives.

We offer cutlery made in Solingen but also cutlery not made in Solingen at especially attractive prices. Items made in Solingen according to the Solingen Act are marked with: Made in Solingen: this item is manufactured in Solingen!

Our sales area in Solingen

In the forum Product Design, the company ISS Solingen presents the scope and range of high-quality Solingen cutlery in a central presentation and sales area. .
Solinger Schneidwaren und Designkontor The "Solingen Cutlery and Design Office" offers high-quality products - from the global market leader to small-scale producers.

Opening times:
Mon - Fri: 2:30pm to5:00pm
Sat: from 10:00am to 5:00pm
and after registering by phone in advance!

Bahnhofstraße 15, Solingen
Tel.: (02 12) 2 47 55 93
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Chef's knives
Chef's knives from Solingen by ISS, Burgvogel, Linder, Güde and Zwilling. High-quality chef's knives for professional chefs, amateur cooks and as collectors' items.
Specialists say that many knives make working in kitchens easier. Peeling potatoes, cutting roasts, chopping vegetables or filleting fish - a special cutting tool is required for each of these.
  Japanese chef's knives
Kai SHUN knives - proud Japanese metalworking - at ISS Solingen. For 700 years, Seki in the province Mino has been known as the "City of Knives" in Japan. Such a rich history of metalworking creates an obligation to the past, so that traditional companies like KAI have been producing blades of the highest quality and sharpness since 1908.

Eating cutlery
The shapes of this eating cutlery compel with their functionaliy, clear design and, last but not least, their high quality. All models are manufactured using 18/10 chrome-nickel steel and can also be provided in a silver-plated version on request. These sets allow you to experience sophisticated table culture without superfluous decor.

Scissors of the highest quality have been manufactured in Solingen for centuries. For scissors, there are large differences in quality. This starts with the material, the quality of the steel. The type of material processing use is also extremely important. The process of manufacturing the scissors then influence the characteristics of the finished product.

We also offer scissors for left-handed customers under left-hand scissors.

Knife blocks / sets
Provide your valuable knives with the luxury of a high-quality knife block. A stylish knife block turn your precious knives into an eye-catcher! You can have your knives ready for use at all times while simultaneously protecting their sensitive blades. We only sell high-quality knife blocks. Burgvogel, Güde, Zwilling and Wüsthof Classic.
  Kitchen aids
Here, you can find everything from cake servers via sharpening steel to peelers and kitchen appliances.

Manicure sets from Solingen by ISS, Niegeloh and Zwilling.
Nail and skin scissors, universal tweezers, sapphire nail files, manicure sticks. Traditional style is everlasting, always modern and still timeless.
Beauty expressed in a convincingly natural wallet, in black or seductive red.

  Sport & leisure
Here you can find knives and accessories for sports and leisure activities, such as fish knives, divers' knives, tools and throwing knives.

Pocket knives
High-quality pocket knives for your hobby and as collectors' items. We have put together an excellent selection of high-quality pocket knives by renowned manufacturers.

  Hunting and bowie knives
A strong knife is required for hunting and attending to slayed animals
- and it must be possible to transport this in a sheath on the belt or
in a rucksack.

Here you can find accessories for knives such as whetting stones, diamond sharpeners and other tools.

  Shaving knives
The traditional shaving knives by Wacker are manufactured so as to meet the highest quality requirements. In a processed used for generations, the shaving knife passes through around 70 working steps to make it "really handmade".

You can of course also search our extensive catalogue by Manufacturer. A complete list of all item groups is also available.